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What is a Canadian Certified Pedorthist?

A Canadian Certified Pedorthist is a nationally certified health care specialist in lower body biomechanics, footwear and gait. They look at forces exerted on the bones and muscles and help improve function and form of the back, hips, knees and ankles, right down to the foot. Certified Pedorthists are trained to assess which structures are involved in the dysfunction, whether it is bone, joint or soft tissue, an inflammation or scar tissue.


What Kind of Treatments Do Certified Pedorthists Use?

Certified Pedorthists use many tools and devices such as shoe lifts and wedges, orthotics and other foot appliances. They often refer to other complimentary health care practitioners to help assist in the treatment


What Are the Types of Problems That Jill Treats?

For more than twenty years, Jill has worked in many clinics with widely differing clientele. As a former elite athlete, fitness and strength trainer, sports coach and certified doula, Jill has learned to look at the body from many perspectives. 


Jill helps treat lower body musculoskeletal problems such as trauma and overuse injuries, knee and ankle pain, leg dysfunction, foot pain, footwear challenges, lower extremity swelling and even clients requiring compression therapy for various vein dysfunctions such as peripheral oedema, general venous insufficiency or CVI (Chronic Venous Insufficiency) and lymphoedema.


Jill can help a nurse who works twelve hour shifts on hospital floors, a labourer standing on a roof or ladder, a client’s sore bunion, a foot or knee dysfunction, a diabetic’s needs, those with compensatory and overuse injuries or those with sore feet and last but not leastactive persons of any age wanting to prevent or heal an injury or those suffering from “post vacation injury”.


How Do I Get Started?

Certified Pedorthists require a physician’s prescription in order to treat, but they can initiate treatment with a biomechanical assessment plus a gait and footwear analysis.


Are These Products and Services Covered by Insurance?

Prescribed products are covered by private insurance unless it is simply for an assessment or consultation which is not covered. Please check your coverage to see if it includes orthopaedic services.


How Does Jill Practice?

Jill will listen to your story. She will look at the bigger picture of your body through a detailed history. Jill will provide a clear explanation, detailing a plan that will help you work on the cause and not just the symptoms. You will likely leave with homework or a referral to a complimentary practitioner to help you get results. 


Jill enjoys the challenge of helping treat sciatica, hip pain, leg length differences, or the ubiquitous, ‘I can’t find a shoe that fits me’ challenge. She enjoys analyzing a limp, not just assuming it is plantar fasciitis. Jill will give you questions to ask and to answer. She also loves a simple solution over a complex and usually more expensive one.


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